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stillhisangel [userpic]
Random food trivia
by stillhisangel (stillhisangel)
at March 24th, 2007 (12:20 pm)

I am a co-mod for another cooking community and I decided to put a food trivia quiz up over there, so I thought you guys might enjoy it as well.
I found these trivia questions here. I'll post questions and choices in this post. Comment below with your answers, and I will post the correct answers in a few days.

1. "Clean the hoof and pull its hair up…" So begins "Shanghai on the Internet's" recipe for camel hoof paste (intended for gourmet eating not for gluing objects together.) Today African immigrants in the Midwestern US consume camel meat imported from the last country in the world with wild Arabian camel herds. What country is that, mate?

a. Australia
b. Turkey
c. Afghanistan
d. Canada

2. You might want to reconsider tasting the candle nuts in the necklace you brought back from Hawaii. What toxin renders consumption of some candle nut varieties risky? (Hint: this poison is often described as having the odor of bitter almonds.)

3. The waiter reports to you the good news and bad news. "No sir, that is not a fly in your minestrone, but I regret to inform you that our cook left out the cannellini." What has been left out your soup?

a. Tomato paste
b. Pasta tubes
c. White kidney beans
d. A pungent spice

4. If you're eating canapés, you're consuming a small piece of bread or a cracker with something savory on top. Had you been an ancient Greek eating a konops, what would you have been devouring? (Hint: the wrong answers won't bite you.)

a. An awning
b. A curtain
c. A couch
d. A mosquito

5. You and a Massachusetts's friend have been exchanging recipes. In return for your "Limpin' Susan" recipe (containing no pieces of Susan whatsoever), your friend sends you his recipe for "Cape Cod Turkey". Which of the following is not a feature of the recipe for "Cape Cod Turkey"?

a. Cod
b. Turkey
c. Oysters
d. A humorously inaccurate name

6. You and your young daughter sit beneath the spreading evergreen tree in your Hawaiian friend's yard. Noticing the tree's orange fruit, your daughter says, "Can I have one of those." Smiling, your friend picks one of the fruit, cuts it longitudinally, cuts a slice from the center and hands it to your daughter. Your daughter squeals in delight and rushes over to show you the shape that she sees in her slice of carambola fruit. What shape can be seen in a slice of carambola fruit?

a. A spider
b. A diamond
c. A star
d. An orchid

7. Cardamom is said to have been the most popular spice in ancient Rome. Among spices, only saffron exceeds it in price. It is nicknamed "Grains of Paradise". Which of the following peoples utilized Cardamom in their religious rites?

a. All of them
b. Early Catholic Christians
c. Ancient Greeks and Romans
d. Indians

8. A thick filet mignon is sliced open and stuffed with Sydney rock oysters that have been dipped in Worcestershire sauce. The steak is grilled rare and served, producing a dish popularized in Australia in the 1950s: carpetbag steak. However, Australia is not thought to have originated the carpetbag steak. To which country is that honor generally ascribed?

a. The United States
b. Canada
c. England
d. New Zealand