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Mrs. Smoochie !!! [userpic]
Summer Halibut
by Mrs. Smoochie !!! (smoochie)
at June 2nd, 2007 (02:17 am)

Chef Mood: artistic

I love fish in the summer....this is a Halibut Filet I made for some clients who love fish....it is simple, clean and light:

The Halibut was a 2 inch thick filet.....about 6 oz or so. I smothered it with olive oil and pressed fresh ground pepper, sea salt and fresh parsley into the flesh. (Costco has a great sea salt-parsley mix). I seared it with olive oil.....depending on the thickness depends on how long; but for me, I cook it until the flesh goes from soft to touch up to more firm to touch.

It was delicious and I served it with Baby Carrots with Lemon-Dill Sauce.