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Journal & Application
OO1. This is a Moderated Community with Open Membership.

OO2. This is a Cooking Community. Acceptable topics to post include, but are not limited to the following: Food. Recipes. Tips. Helpful Ideas. Newspaper/Magazine Articles. Questions. Pictures of Food. Stories of Cooking. Meals on the go. All day meals. Meals for 2. Meals for 20. Family Dinners. Fun foods for kids. Spicy Foods. Desserts. Entrees. Appetizers. Substitutions. Bake ware. Utensils.

OO3. This is not a rating community. Everyone and anyone is more than welcomed to join! We only ask that you fill out the simple Introduction Application at the end of the info, so we can get to know all new members as they join the community! Also, you must read and follow all the rules.

OO4. Please make all posts “Friends Only”, this way we know who is taking/using our recipes.

OO5. Please post your Introduction Application within a week of joining the community.Also, please write “New Chef in the Kitchen” in your text cut, so we know you followed the rules. : )

OO6. There will be absolutely NO name-calling, basing, rude remarks, or belittling of any members. Any one who feels this is too hard to abide by, please do not join our community. Any members, who are caught making these kinds of comments or posts, will be warned ONE TIME, and then kicked out of the community and added to the banned list.

OO7. All recipes will be put into the memories section of the user info. If you are looking for a specific recipe, please check there first!

OO8. You may promote other cooking communities here, if you would like. Please make sure to follow the LJ rules when doing so. : )

OO9. Right now, there is no age limit on the members. If you are old enough to write and cook, you are old enough to read the rules and abide by them. We are more than happy to welcome young and old members, as well as people will all kinds of dietary needs.

O1O. Feel free to post pictures; in fact we strongly encourage it! But please be tasteful. There is no reason for nudity, and large sized or amounts of pictures should be put behind a text cut. If you need somewhere to host your pictures, try Photobucket. It's a free image hosting website.

O11. If you would like to help promote the community, appropriate places include your OWN livejournal or a promoting community (example: community_promo)

O12. We would like to keep this a fun, up-beat, happy friendly community. This is a place to come, and share our skills, ideas and trials and errors. IF there are any suggestions, comment or concerns dealing with the community, please feel free to contact one of the Mods at any time. We will respond as soon as time permits!!
Each Theme is named by the previous theme's winner. Each winner picks the new theme, and how long the theme will run. You have until the named deadline to post your recipe (and picture)in a new entry. In the subject of the new entry you should write "Theme#__=____!" Example:"Theme#001=Onions!" When the deadline arrives all members are urged to vote on a winner.

To see the past winners, click here.

If you would like to suggest a new Ingredient for the current theme, please post your suggestions HERE.

Our current theme is CORN!
Please Fill out the Application/Survey!
Ok, Think of it more as a survey than an application. Everyone gets accepted into this community, like it says above, this is just something we LIKE our members to fill out, so we can get to know you. Adding or removing questions, or not answering parts of the "application/survey" will not get you kicked out of the community.

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